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News Articles on Unapproved Layouts & Regularisation

Unapproved layouts in the News

The Hindu – Approving a layout

There is no adequate legal awareness among the general public with respect to Panchayat layouts. In fact, there is no terminology called ‘Panchayat Approval’ as only LPA’s and the DTCP have the authority to accord layout sanctions. The panchayat president of any panchayat does not have any power to sanction land layouts within that respective panchayat.

The Hindu – Unapproved layouts and registration issues

Taken in by claims of ‘panchayat approval’, many people are stuck with plots in unapproved layouts When V. Ravikumar wanted to buy a piece of land in the temple town of Kancheepuram, his native place, he found a ‘panchayat-approved’ housing plot being offered at Rs. 4.50 lakh. He has so far paid nearly Rs. 3 lakh in instalments.

Then came the shocker. He cannot register the plot in his name as the Madras High Court has banned registration of sites unless they form part of a layout approved by top planning bodies such as the Chennai Metropolitan Development Corporation and the Directorate of Town and Country Planning.

The Hindu – When gullible small investors lose the plot

Several thousands of families have purchased such ‘panchayat-approved’ plots. The term itself is wrong in the first place as panchayats are not authorised to approve layouts. For most buyers, it is investment they believed that could be redeemed in some future moment of need. There seems to be no escape now with their property turning into a ‘zero-return’ asset.

The Hindu – Responsible buying is the key: activists

“ People are spending lakhs of rupees on buying land, but are not bothered about compliance with the law. They should be responsible purchasers and make sure they don’t fall foul of the law.”

The Hindu – ‘Non-notification of amendment, a deliberate act on part of govt.’

The CMDA had in 2007 instructed local bodies not to give approval for any layouts measuring 1,000 square metres,” said a former member secretary of the planning agency.

According to advocate G.Shyam Sundar, one possible option available to the government was to accord post facto approval or regularisation or ratification. The hard-earned money of low income group families could be safeguarded only through such a measure, he said.

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