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Association Elections Annoucement Notice

Dear Esteemed Homeowners and Residents, IMPORTANT INFORMATION:

The Association will be conducting the elections to the governing and executive body of the Anugraha Satellite Township Residents Welfare Association on 5 July 2020.
Only full Members of good standing without any dues whatseover will be eligible to stand for election as well as participate in the elections.
An election committee has been appointed to conduct the elections under the leadership of the Association’s Legal Advisor.

Members with dues who wish to participate in the elections are requested to pay their dues.
A filled nomination form with an identity card, proof of ownership (first-degree relationships), and no-dues certificate from treasurer will be required. Shortly the letters, forms, rules, etc will be distributed.

Kindly treat this as an official intimation, however formal notice will be issued shortly.

  • Secretary, ASTRWA

Update: Depending on the Government Regulations, Feasibility and other factors, the venue of the Election will be intimated. Preparations for online elections with OTP verification through SMS will be implemented in case of COVID-19 based restrictions.

Disruption in water supply

The two submersible water pumps for tanks at 2nd and 12th Cross streets have malfunctioned. Repairs are underway. Water supply will be disrupted for the whole of 6th February 2020. The repair shop has assured to repair the pumps in one day, but these assurances are not very dependable.


Electricity Additional Security Deposit Demand Notice from TNEB/TNGDC

Dear Sir/Madam,
Ref: Service No:020010131024
SD due: Rs.100750
Due date:16/09/2019
You are informed that review of Additional Security Deposit is being made once in 2 years as per regulation 5(5)(i) of Tamil Nadu Electricity Supply Code. For the categories of consumer under bi-monthly billing, the Security Deposit is equivalent to three times of the monthly average of electricity charges for the preceding twelve months prior to April 2017.For the categories of consumer under monthly billing, the Security Deposit is equivalent to two times of the monthly average of electricity charges for the preceding twelve months prior to April 2017.The amount so calculated in your case is Rs.115120. Whereas the Security Deposit held in your account including interest at 6.9% p.a on security deposit is Rs.14370.Hence the additional security deposit of Rs.100750. (Rounded off to the next higher mutiple of Rs.10/-) has to be paid within the due date.If the payment is not made within 30 days, your service is liable for levy of BPSC and disconnection of service connection as per regulation 14(5) of Tamil Nadu Electricity Supply Code.
If ASD amount has already been paid, this may be treated as an intimation of workings
By order

Change of Office

The Office of the Association has moved to the Prarthana Complex inside the Township after the Library and Community Hall have been shut down.

The New Address of the Association is:

Anugraha Satellite Township Residents Welfare Association,
Prarthana Complex, Ninth Cross Street,
Anugraha Satellite Township, Periyakattupalayam,
Mathalapattu Post, Cuddalore District 605007, Tamil Nadu.

Labour Issues, services disrupted

Since Monday, the 23rd of April, 2018, the contract labourers have not reported to work, seeking higher wages.

The daily wages, calculated alongside 6 days a week continuous work, the monthly total is well and above other unskilled labour charges currently prevalent in our region.

Till the labour issue is settled, there will be disruption of Garbage collection and cleaning activities. We seek your patience, understanding and cooperation.

We will be seeking the opinion of all residents and owners through a poll shortly. Please do respond to help us take collective decisions.

Water Supply Issues

Due to ongoing low voltage and frequent power supply disruptions, our water pumps are unable to fill our water tanks to capacity.

As a result, there would be an intermittent shortage in the water supply to houses. Due to low voltage one of the water pumps became faulty and had to be re-wired, it is now functioning.

As we bear with these inconveniences, we urge our residents to use water judiciously.

Save Water!

We are Hiring – STP Operator

We are looking to hire two STP Operators. The Operators must have a Diploma in any trade/stream from ITI or Polytechnic.

Please forward CVs and Resumes on our Telegram Channel, or email them to

Telegram Channel Started

Dear Residents and Homeowners, We are moving away from Whatsapp to Telegram.

Please download and install telegram on your mobile devices to keep in touch with us.


Sensitive Issues Abound – Cautionary Notice

This is a general notice, please read carefully.

Kindly read my earlier posts. I had clearly mentioned that towards the end, at a critical time, troublemakers and instigators will foment strife under the guise of asking questions.

A lot of sensitive dis-information regarding the STP has and is being already by trolls and those wishing to see us fail. I was taken aback at some of the troubles created.

I had clearly mentioned that anybody who needs information may message me directly.

I had mentioned inauguration, no more needs to be said.

I asked our excellent team to stay calm and carry on and not respond to any provocation, however atrociously worded they are.

All of you are witness to their discipline in face of adversity.
Some mistaken my civility for weakness, they are mistaken. I will remain patient in the knowledge that I enjoy your support.

We hold ourselves accountable to all of you, and we have scrupulously maintained the integrity and are progressing in face of huge challenges.

A few of the challenges are thrown by some of our own. We will not sway from our objective.

At my meeting with Karikan Nagar brothers, I congratulated them for their gentlemanly behaviour. I hope all our people can be as civil.

I will copy and paste my earlier posts, I will at an opportune time write in detail.

Till then, I ask respected and decent members to stay calm and not to feed the trolls or be swayed by their campaign of disinformation, fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD).

I request my team members to concentrate on the work and not post replies to trolls.


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