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Month: November 2019

Petitions for Mutation of Patta, Takeover of Roads & Levy of House Taxes

Three repeat petitions (5th round) were presented to the Offices of the Project Director, District Rural Development Agency and the Special Officer/Block Development Officer of Cuddalore District towards:

  1. Initiate Mutation of Patta by Tashildar for change in ownership in Revenue Records (Patta) in favour of the Government, for the roads and open space reservation areas donated to the Panchayat by the Township Developers.
  2. Second step – Take over of the Roads (and common areas) of the Township by the Panchayat and classify the roads as Panchayat Roads.
  3. Assess, Levy and Collect Panchayat House Taxes, now that the layout is in principle approved by the DTCP.

The Petitions have been accepted and files initiated. This will take some time, but the process is now, ON.

Petition for Project Director, DRDA, Cuddalore

An Association Team of five office bearers and members met the Additional Collector cum Project Director, District Rural Development Agency, Cuddalore – Shri. Raja Gopal Sunkara IAS and presented a petition for various reliefs.

The Project Director, DRDA explained that the Government will first have to take over the donated Roads and Common Areas first before any Road related projects can be considered.

As per his advice, separate petitions will be filed during our next meeting.

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