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Plans for New Year 2018

Dear Houseowner Friends, I take this opportunity to let you know that we met the BDO on direction from Collector. The BDO spoke with us for an hour or so and we now have a fairy better idea of our situation.
He insisted that we make it know to all that we should not fall prey to anybody asking for money in the name of house or other tax, patta or any other revenue related work.
A taskforce is working on a comprehensive plan, collecting details and will discuss with you all soon.once we have sufficient reliable information.

Here are our plans for 2018nin brief:

First finish what we started, before we take up any new work. So: STP still is our main priority till it is fully functional. Followed by Electricity 4th Wire and then, Regularisation.
We cannot do much about the roads till we are regularised.

On Administrative side, we would like to streamline our operations based on good management principles – reduce Muda, Muri and Mura.
Create Budget, fiscal planning, investment and responsible expenditure.
We wish to expand our financial base in a non confrontational way and see if we can voluntarily recover old dues.
We will shortly distribute feedback forms, please fill them: They will be used as a GBM surrogate to make a few critical decisions.
We will expand on the above as we progress.
Thank you and have a great first week of the year!
Jagan Mohan

New Dawn, New Day, New Year

As the first rays of the new year’s Sun reaches our township, it is time to wake up to new possibilities for all of us, houseowners of Anugraha.
It is time to recommit ourselves to Unity so that we can face the challenges ahead.
Regularisation, Electricity and Roads are our priorities and expanding our funding base is one of the most important task among numerous others.
The Executive committee will continue to rely on all owners to contribute their share of both funds and some volunteering to see us through this new year.
May we all succeed together.
Jai Hind.

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