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Month: June 2018

Maintenance work at the STP

Maintenance was carried out at the STP under direct supervision of some of the taskforce members.

The field was worked on by earthworkers and the outlet pipes repaired.

Major Pipeline renovations are working well.

Extensive repair, replacement, laying of new pipelines project was completed throughout the underground sewage network of the township.

The new pipelines network are tested and stabilised for gradient flow of the sewage under gravity alone from our township (1st cross) till the STP.

Continued monitoring on day to day, weekly and monthly basis will be done with preventive repairs to ensure that the flow is without any interruption, blockades are managed before they build up and our sewage pipelines will last for the next decade.

Executive Committee Meeting

The EC met to discuss the recent threats and closure of the Library and Community Hall and univocally and strongly condemned it.

The committee resolved to inform the public and start to look for a rented premises to run the Association from.

Funds collection for the fourth wire will commence with information about pending arrears collection as per the amnesty scheme decided in the last GBM.

A rapid response mechanism be evolved to deal with such contingencies as the Community Hall close incidents and put in practice.

Visit to Cuddalore STP

A team of the Association visited the Cuddalore Sewage Treatment Plant to understand operations of a large scale municipal STP.

The team was taken on a guided tour and a number of queries answered.

Specifically the team inspected and understood the various statutory monitoring rules, logs and documentations required to be maintained and submitted to various authorities.

The Municipal STP monitors 13 parameters related to its operations and output.

Anugraha STP has commenced maintenance of complete documentary monitoring system to ensure standards are adhered to and maintained in all our operations.

The team had productive interaction with the manager of the Municipal STP and records it’s thanks.

TN Pollution Control Board Visit

The Association visited the TN Pollution Control Board at SIPCOT, Cuddalore and appraised the present status of the STP.

We will be applying shortly to get required statutory clearance and approvals.

The Association will uphold and Maintain scrupulous records of its operations and ensure compliance of all standards in letter and spirit.

Hydrology Expert Visit

Today, a Hydrology Expert, Mr Jayakumar was invited to visit our STP for resolving a few issues related to treated water.He visited our STP in the morning and offered valuable suggestions for some of the issues.We thank him for his time.

Engineer Kumar 60th Birthday

The Association wished Mr Kumar, the lead of the STP implementation taskforce a very happy birthday on behalf of the township and wished him a long happy and productive life ahead.

Maintenance Office closed

The Maintenance office was shutdown by the Promoter.

The Association will work online and on the phone for the next few days till we find suitable alternative arrangements.

We have been told that we do not have authority over the security at the Gate.

Review of STP Operations on the Spot

  • The Taskforce met at the STP to review the ongoing Shed construction and operations of the STP at 5:00 PM. Meeting lasted one Hour.
  • A team visited the 10 Cross to evolve plan to close down the pit and re-create a wall.
  • Hydrology experts will help us plan operations.

  1. Finalised Letter to Security – Request for termination – Reason: Unlicensed as per TN Security Agencies Act & Rules. – Secretary & Joint Secretary
  2. Discussed Japanese Pond Design and Implementation
  3. Discussed ongoing STP Site Rooms Construction – STP Taskforce
  4. Conference Call Discussion – Review of Treated Water Disposal
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