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Month: April 2018

Assisted Filing of Application for Regularisation of Plot

Dear Homeowners, we have arranged for a third party, Sara Xerox, Cuddalore to come and assist you all for Applying for Regularisation of your Plots.

They will be in our Maintenance Hall from 10:30 AM till 06:00 PM on two days: Wednesday, the 25th, and Thursday, the 26th of April, 2018.

You can file your application yourself online, or you can submit the following documents along with application fee (Rs. 500) and service fee (Rs. 150), totally amounting to Rs. 650/- only, all inclusive. Similar service fees are charged by many other service centers in and around Cuddalore.

Documents required:

1. Copy of the registered sale deed
2. Copy of the Aadhar card of the person registered
3. Encumbrance certificate of the plot for the past 13 years.

Note: Encumbrance Certificate can be downloaded from the Tamil Nadu Registration Department Website free of cost or retrieved from our consolidated Encumbrance Certificates for the entire township. Alternatively, Sara Xerox, or third party service center will provide the Encumbrace Certificate for Rs. 70 Extra.

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact any EC Member or email us at or use the contact us form.


Here is a Guide to Fill your Application Yourself Online.

Guide – Apply for Regularisation of your PLOT


  1. Registered Sale Deed –
  2. FMB Sketch of your Plot


  1. The RS (Re-survey) Number, Sub-Division Number
  2. The extent of Plot Land in Sq. Meters (conversion formula: 1 sq. foot = 0.092903 square meters; convert online here)

Get the Encumbrance Certificate / வில்லங்கச் சான்று (can be had from here: or from our our Drive here


  1. Visit the Regularisation Portal at
  2. Click on ‘User Registration’ under ‘For Application in DTCP Area

Here is a Step by Step Guide from Government of the Process

Step by Step Guide with Details

You can fill only the MANDATORY fields and leave others empty.

If you don’t have all the information at hand, at any point in time, click ‘SAVE AS DRAFT’ and come back the form to fill and finish it.

  1. Name of the Layout (Mandatory): Anugraha Satellite Township

Promoter Details:

  1. Name of the Promoter: Can be left Empty or enter: Dr K I Manirathinem
  2. Promoter Address: Can be left Empty or enter: Navasakthi Townships Developers Private Limited, Anugraha Satellite Township, Periyakattupalayam, Cuddalore 605007
  3. Promoter’s Mobile No: Can be left Empty
  4. Promoter’s Email ID: Can be left Empty or enter:

Site Details

  1. District (Mandatory): Cuddalore
  2. Type of Local body (Mandatory): Panchayat Union
  3. Local Body (Mandatory): Cuddalore
  4. Village (Mandatory): Madalapattu
  5. Block No: Can be left Empty

Your Plot Details (Mandatory)

  1. Plot Number: Find it from the Sale Deed or Encumbrance Certificate, usually your House Number
  2. Village: Madalapattu
  3. Type of Survey No: Re-Survey No (R.S. No)
  4. Survey No. From the Sale Deed or Encumbrance Certificate
  5. Land Classification: Wet Land
  6. Extent in sq. m: From the Sale Deed (usually, 222.97, but please double check and convert from sq. feet to sq. meters)
  7. Date of Registration: From the Sale Deed

Click ‘Add Survey No’

NOTA BIEN: If your plot has MORE THAN ONE R.S.No, repeat the process and add the additional R.S. No and again click, ‘Add Survey No’.

Verify if all your R.S. Numbers have been added. The total extent will remain the same even when you had added extra R.S. Numbers.

Layout Details

  1. Total Number of Plots in the Layout: Can be left Empty or enter 550
  2. Total Area Extent of the Layout in Sq. M.: Can be left empty
  3. Abutting Road Status: Private
  4. Abutting Road Width in metres (Mandatory): 9.144
  5. Upload Sketch (Mandatory): Download from here

Click on checkbox that says, ‘I agree above declaration’ and again click on ‘I agree with terms and conditions’ and recheck all your details once more.

Once you are satisfied, click, ‘Submit’. You will be redirected to the Payment Gateway where you can pay the Application Fee through Credit / Debit cards and Netbanking. On successful payment, you will receive the RECEIPT for Application. The First part is Done, Congratulations!.

Within 30 days of this online submission, you will have to submit filled in Form 1, 2 and 3 along with supporting documents at the DTCP, Villupuram Office. We will shortly update a guide for the paper application form and documents to be attached. Stay tuned!


Advisory: Please Apply for Regularisation of your PLOT


Regularisation of Layout and Individual Plots

  • The Government of Tamil Nadu has Gazette Notified Rules for REGULARISATION of Unapproved Plots and Layouts under Government Order (G.O) No: 78, amended by G.O. No: 172. This notice is to provide you with essential information and advice.
  • There are separate rules and process for Regularisation of Layouts and Individual Plot.
  • Although all plots in our Township were duly approved by the competent authority, the President of the Mathalapattu Village Panchayat, there is a confusion that the approval may not be valid enough. To be on the safer side, we advise that every house owner apply for INDIVIDUAL PLOT APPROVAL.
  • For the Layout, we have been advised that DTCP approval is required for Local Administrative Bodies to provide public amenities and services such as maintenance of roads, garbage collection, water, etc.
  • The Association is currently undertaking steps to apply for approval of the LAYOUT only and not for individual plots.
  • All House Owners are requested to apply for INDIVIDUAL PLOT approvals on their own.
  • For regularisation of the layout, Each plot will have to pay Rs. 500/- as application fees and Developmental Charges to be calculated by DTCP and notified later.
  • The Last Date for submission of application is 03-05-2018. (3, May, 2018)
  • Applications can be submitted online at:
  • We will post further details on our Association website at: or

News Articles on Unapproved Layouts & Regularisation

Unapproved layouts in the News

The Hindu – Approving a layout

There is no adequate legal awareness among the general public with respect to Panchayat layouts. In fact, there is no terminology called ‘Panchayat Approval’ as only LPA’s and the DTCP have the authority to accord layout sanctions. The panchayat president of any panchayat does not have any power to sanction land layouts within that respective panchayat.

The Hindu – Unapproved layouts and registration issues

Taken in by claims of ‘panchayat approval’, many people are stuck with plots in unapproved layouts When V. Ravikumar wanted to buy a piece of land in the temple town of Kancheepuram, his native place, he found a ‘panchayat-approved’ housing plot being offered at Rs. 4.50 lakh. He has so far paid nearly Rs. 3 lakh in instalments.

Then came the shocker. He cannot register the plot in his name as the Madras High Court has banned registration of sites unless they form part of a layout approved by top planning bodies such as the Chennai Metropolitan Development Corporation and the Directorate of Town and Country Planning.

The Hindu – When gullible small investors lose the plot

Several thousands of families have purchased such ‘panchayat-approved’ plots. The term itself is wrong in the first place as panchayats are not authorised to approve layouts. For most buyers, it is investment they believed that could be redeemed in some future moment of need. There seems to be no escape now with their property turning into a ‘zero-return’ asset.

The Hindu – Responsible buying is the key: activists

“ People are spending lakhs of rupees on buying land, but are not bothered about compliance with the law. They should be responsible purchasers and make sure they don’t fall foul of the law.”

The Hindu – ‘Non-notification of amendment, a deliberate act on part of govt.’

The CMDA had in 2007 instructed local bodies not to give approval for any layouts measuring 1,000 square metres,” said a former member secretary of the planning agency.

According to advocate G.Shyam Sundar, one possible option available to the government was to accord post facto approval or regularisation or ratification. The hard-earned money of low income group families could be safeguarded only through such a measure, he said.

More on Approvals and Regularisation:

Regularisation of Unapproved Plots and Layouts, an Update

Regularisation of Unapproved Layouts and Plots

My Reality India –

STP is Operational!

The Sewage Treatment Plant was Operationalised on Tamil New Year 14 April, 2018.

The Sewage Treatment Plant was inaugurated on 16th March, 2018.

Subsequently, the equipment and the entire workflow was subjected to a series of tests and tuning for a duration of one month and finally, the operations commenced on the auspicious occasion of Tamil New Year on 14 April 2018.

Since the pipeline work near the School Boundary is still underway, we will be transporting sewage from the township to our STP by trucks.

We also await the sanction and laying of a special FOURTH WIRE by TANGEDCO which will be a HUGE Historic Success for us since this will be the first time a 4th wire is laid for a STP and Residential Township. We are following it up at the highest levels of the Government and are in touch with the highest officials of TANGEDCO.

The pipeline work might take a week or 10 days more, while the 4th wire might take a month or two. Till the 4th wire is laid and connected, we plan to power the 3Phase motors of the STP with a Diesel Generator – it has already arrived and is in place.

Below: Sewage being aerated in the Aeration Pond.

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