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Regularisation – Step by Step Guide

Dear Esteemed Members & Homeowners,

The following is a step by step guide by Engineer Kumar Sir:

Below are the steps involved in submission document preparation and submission based on my understanding & experience on the process.

Step 1 – Online Application

Complete the on-line application filling as mentioned in the Guide for Filling in the online application in our Society Website.

Step 2 Submission at DTCP office at Villupuram for Preliminary Approval

Once the Step 1 is completed successfully following List of Documents required to be submitted at DTCP office are

1) Duly filled Form 1,2,3(Form 3 in 20 Rs stamp paper) Copy attached as Annexure 1)

2) Online registration slip

3) Land registration doc copy self-attested

4) Recently taken (within 1or3 months) EC copy self-attested. (Link to get online EC)

5) Township layout (Download and print, or use a copy given during registration)

6) FMB for survey no mentioned in the online registration slip. (Link to get online FMB)

7) Patta copy if available. (Link to get online Patta)

8) self-attested Aadhar copy of the landowner

With all the above

9)  A forwarding letter to DTCP office detailing the request detail (Sample Forwarding Letter in Tamil / English version as Annexure 2a & 2b)


1 No need to be present personally. The docs can be handed over through a representative or by registered post with acknowledgment due (by this you can have ack of submission).

2) No Fee Payment to be made for Preliminary approval other submission of above mentioned Documents. And follow up till you get the preliminary approval personally by self or representative.

Step 3 – Submission at BDO office for Final approval & Govt Order

Once the Step 2 is completed and successfully received the preliminary approval order from DTCP office following List of Documents required to be submitted at BDO office.

1) original Preliminary approval letter copy from DTCP office which is addressed to BDO

2) copy of online registration slip

3) copy of Aadhar card or copy of ration card

4) copy of house sale deed.

5) copy of the parent doc. (Pl note if you do not have parent doc do not worry submit without that)

6) EC copy

7) color photo/printout of the front elevation of the house with the owner standing in front.

8) Payment receipt for regularization fee.

9) Payment receipt for the development fee.

Note payment of regularization fee to be 30/- per sq m. While calculating the fee pl round off the no. For egs, if the area is mentioned as 222.97 (2400 Sq. Ft.) the considered area as 223 SQM. Also if the calculated value is 6690 pay rounding of Value shall be Rs 6700/- . This excess would cover any excess area arises during verification.

This payment to be paid as follows.

A challan will be available at treasury to be filled and submitted. They, in turn, give us part of the form duly stamped and ref no filled. With this form and money to be paid payment to be made at SBI Thirupapuliyur (Located near Dhina Thanthi Office) and collect the receipt from the bank for submission at BDO’s office. The Account no in SBI to be filled in the Challan shall be 021760800AT0007 & account name as per Annexure-3

Similarly, payment for development fee to be calculated (instead of 223*25=5575 round of to 5600) and paid. This amount to be paid at Indian bank Semmandalam branch (Located opposite to KNC women’s college) and collect the receipt from bank for submission at BDO’s office. The Account no in Indian Bank to be filled in the Pay in slip shall be 6641026573 & account name as per annexure-4


  • For ready ref copy of Duly filled in Bank Receipts (both SBI & IB) is attached as Annexure 5
  • For Submission of documents can be done by self or Representative.
  • For Collection of Approval Letter personal Appearance is requested by BDOs office
  • In General, at all steps of Registration process Duplicate copy of the respective stage need to be Stored.
  • The Preliminary approval Letter from DTCP office and Final approval order from BDO’s office are the essential documents required to be maintained for any future requirements along with the registration documents like sale deeds and others.


Excellent Notes on a number of practical points and tips by Shri. Mohan Raman.

  1. The outcome of a correctly filed on-line registration for regularisation to the DTCP is a two page letter from DTCP. It accords approval in principle to regularise the Anugraha plot purchase and construction of the house. The DTCP letter is in ‘official’ Tamil and therefore takes time to understand. It is addressed to the BDO Cuddalore who takes action as authorised by the DTCP; a copy is endorsed to the owner.
  2. The BDO levies a Regularisation Fee to cover purchase of the property. He also levies a Development Fee to cover the construction of the house at Anugraha. In addition to documentary proof of these payments being made, the BDO requires certain other documents before issuing final orders. This has to be done by the house owner.
  3. This note has been compiled to guide owners who are not resident at Anugraha or are unfamiliar with Cuddalore. It is based on the personal feedback from a number of Anugraha house owners.
  4. Most of the documents required by the BDO would be readily available with the owner; however three are new. Starting with the new documents, the following lists the document pack needed to be submitted.
    1. NEW: An A4 Colour print out of a photograph of the House (Photo to be taken with house owner standing in front of the house). If this is not held, a snap taken on a smartphone will do. There is a very convenient net cafe on the left-hand side of the main road from Anugraha to Cuddalore where the hard copy A4 size print out can be produced. It is in the ground floor of a large new temple, about 1 km from the Anugraha gate.
    2. NEW: Original receipt of payment made to Indian Bank of Development Fee of Rs 5,600/- The amount is to be credited to the account held at Indian Bank, Semmandalam Branch, as per details below: The bank is located on Nellikuppam Road, which forks to the right at a roundtana on the road from Anugraha to Cuddalore. TO SAVE TIME: You can pay into the above account from your branch if you have an Indian Bank a/c; there is no commission charge. There are other options as well, which can charge. There are other options as well, which can be ascertained from any Indian Bank branch. It is important to ensure that you have an Indian Bank receipt in original, as proof of the entire amount having been paid into the account. An example is in the Annexure:
    3. NEW: Regularisation fee of Rs 6700/. A challan in triplicate is obtainable at the sub-treasury, Cuddalore, next to the Taluk Office on Kurinjipadi Cuddalore Road. After it is filled up, it will be rubber stamped. Then pay in the amount in cash at SBI Thirupathiripuliyur Branch, about 1km away. The branch is on the Cuddalore- Nagapattinam highway, and the landmark is ‘Near the Dina Thanthi office’. You will get the remitter’s copy of the challan. TIP: The challan takes time to fill; if possible, get a challan form TNTC 9 and fill it up before hand at home, as per sample in the annexures. Even xerox copies of the form are OK, and are available at numerous vendors for Rs 5.
    4. Xerox copy of registration document.
    5. Xerox copy of E.C.
    6. Parent Document xerox copy if available
    7. Xerox copy of Aadhar card
    8. Xerox copy of FEES Receipt of online registration submitted to DTCP.
    9. Either the original letter from DTCP to BDO (If DTCP gave it to you in addition to your copy)OR the original of the copy sent to you. (KEEP XEROX IF YOU SUBMIT THE ORIGINAL OF DTCP LETTER TO YOU).
  5. The above should be submitted at the BDO’s office. It is on the first floor of a large new building on the left, just within the Cuddalore Circuit House compound, a well known local landmark. This compound, on Nellikuppam Road, (the same road as the Indian Bank) is close to the roundtana.
  6. The dealing Assistant at the BDO, Mr Rajavel, is a very kind and helpful person. He says the final orders take about 2 weeks to process. He recommends collection in person, and careful preservation thereafter.
  7. The final order is the authority for paying the property tax for 2018-19, which fell due in April 2018. Mr Rajavel says the tax might have been enhanced from 2017-18. The revised amount and arrears have to be paid now: CHECK WITH THE TAX COLLECTOR AT ANUGRAHA.
  8. A final point. Cuddalore is congested and the traffic is heavy. If not familiar with locations, navigation and parking can be challenges. One way to address this would be sequencing the activities correctly. The following route is suggested: first the sub treasury, then the SBI, followed by Indian Bank (if payment at Nellikuppam Road is preferred); finally the BDO Office. Nellikuppam Road is preferred); finally the BDO Office. In the absence of unexpected delays all the above can be completed in about three hours.


FAQ – Village Panchayat Approval of Layout Valid?


It is with great regret that we note that some criminally vested interests are creating confusion and misguiding our homeowners about the ongoing regularisation by declaring that our Layout is approved by Panchayat and therefore does not need regularisation from DTCP.

Below is the official Directive from the Director of Rural Development as early as in 2003 which clearly says that Village Panchayat (President) approvals are INVALID unless prior concurrence of the Director of Town and Country Planning is taken and the details are indicated in the approval letter.

Although our Layout was approved by the Village President of Mathalapattu Panchayat Union, unfortunately, the approval was not done correctly – that is, with the mandatory concurrence of the DTCP and the panchayat letter of approval does not carry the technical details of DTCP approval as per the TN Panchayat Rules. Thus, the Panchayat Approval is invalid. The Madras High Court has ruled that no registration of Sale could be done for such unapproved layouts and plots. Therefore, both the layout and the individual plots will need to be regularised without exception, since the Panchayat Approval is no longer valid in Law.

When Banks give loan, they do due diligence on the ownership of the land and encumbrances, but they are not bound to check the validity of the Approvals. Just because Banks have given loan in the past does not give any legitimacy or official approval for the plots.

We request all Homeowners to apply and benefit from this regularisation drive. Do not fall prey to those who unnecessarily create confusion – their motive is criminal.

Also, here are some articles from the Press that further clarify the issue.

The relevant GO is reproduced below:

D.O.Lr. No. 83921/2003/PH2 dated 14.11.2003.

Dear Collector,

Sub : Town Planning – Unapproved layout – Approved by Panchayat President – Violation of Rules – Regarding.

Ref :  1. G.O.Ms. No. 255, Rural Development (C2) Dept dt 18.8.97.

          2. From the Director of Town and Country Planning D.O. Roc.No. 25718/03/LA2 dated 20.10.2003.

  • In the G.O. first cited the Tamil Nadu Panchayat Building Rules 1997, were issued by Government. As per rule 3 the Executive Authority of the Village Panchayat (President) should get prior concurrence of the Director of Town and Country Planning or his authorised and Director or Deputy Director of Town and Country Planning, for approving the layouts/plan.
  • In the Lr. 2nd cited it has been brought to notice by the Director of Town and Country Planning that some of the Panchayat Presidents are approving layouts without prior concurrence of the Director of Town and Country Planning in violation of the above rules. He has further inform that the Village Panchayat Presidents should not issue any approval to any layout whatever may be the extent in their areas without getting technical approval and concurrence from the Director of Town and Country Planning or his authorised Joint Director or Deputy Director.
  • He has also insisted that the Village Panchayat Presidents should indicate the details of technical approval given by the Director of Town and Country Planning along with his letter No. and date in each of the “No objection certificate” issued by the Presidents to the Registration Department.
  • I therefore request you to give the following instructions to all Village Panchayat Presidents in your District.
  1.  The Village Panchayat President should not issue any approval to any layout. Whatever be the extent in their areas, without getting technical approval and concurrence by the Director of Town and Country Planning or his authorised Joint Director / Deputy Director.
  2. The Village Panchayat Presidents should indicate the details of technical approval given by the Director of Town and Country Planning with his letter No. and date in each of the No objection Certificate issued by the Executive Authority of the Village Panchayat (Presidents)

The Tamil Nadu Panchayats Building Rules, 1997

(G.O. (Ms) No. 255, Rural Development (C2) Department, Dated 18.8.1997)

3. Application for approval of layout of sites – (1) No owner or other persons shall layout a street, land, passage or pathway or sub-divide or utilise the land or any portion or portions of the same on the site or sites for building purpose until a lay-out plan has been approved by the Executive Authority who shall get prior concurrence of the Director of Town and Country Planning or his authorized Joint Director or Deputy Director of Town and Country Planning for such approval.

G.O. (Ms) No. 255, Rural Development (C2) Department, Dated 18.8.1997

19.5 Unapproved Layout – Approved by Panchayat President – Violation of Rules

More Information can be had from the Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department website.

Hope this clears the issue satisfactorily.


‘Hey, that line’s moving a lot faster!’


Other FAQ:

I Don’t intend to sell my House/Plot. Why should I regularise?

If the Plot is not regularised, you may not be able to do ‘Settlement’ of the plot in favour of your children. Even execution of your Will might be problematic. It is better to regularise than to risk losing registration privileges.

Also, you will need regularisation of the plot to apply for Patta and mutilate the Patta/Revenue records in your name.

It is the Government/Panchayat/Somebody’s mistake, why should I regularise?

The Panchayat President Approval is flawed and incomplete without the DTCP Concurrence (See TN Panchayat Building Rules) and the Government is not bound by the flawed approval. It is the Plot owners who have to be careful and when the problem has come to light, take steps to rectify the situation. If this regularisation amnesty is not taken advantage of, it would be the problem of the plot owner.

Regularisation will cost me too much, maybe in Lakhs?

Wrong, It will cost 12,265 Rupees for a 2400 sq feet (222.96 sq. m) plot.

Breakup: Regularisation Charge is 30 Rs per Sq. m, that is 223 x 30 = 6690 Rupees and Development Charge is Rs. 25/Sq. m, that comes to 223 x 25 = 5575 Rupees. Total of  6690 and 5575 is 12265 Rupees.

This is worth paying for peace of mind and Patta.

I don’t want to regularise my Plot. I think the Village President Approval is good enough for me. Why are you people forcing me to regularise?

It is up to you to decide if you want to regularise or not. There is absolutely no compulsion from the Association. Please feel free to do whatever you think is correct or good for your own welfare.

Ours is merely a friendly advice.

Last Date for Application for Regularisation Extended

The Govt. of TN has vide G.O No 55 extended the last date for Applying for Regularisation of Plots and Layouts until 3 November 2018.

The Last Date now is 3 November 2018.

The amended order now reads as follows:

5. Compulsory application for regularization.

(1) It shall be compulsory for all the individual plot owners and layout promoters eligible under rule 3 to file an application on-line in Form-I for regularisation to the Competent Authority concerned within eighteen months from the date of commencement of these rules along with the fees and charges as per the self assessment made and annexed with the application. The Competent Authority shall process the
application and pass orders of regularization on-line.

Assisted Filing of Application for Regularisation of Plot

Dear Homeowners, we have arranged for a third party, Sara Xerox, Cuddalore to come and assist you all for Applying for Regularisation of your Plots.

They will be in our Maintenance Hall from 10:30 AM till 06:00 PM on two days: Wednesday, the 25th, and Thursday, the 26th of April, 2018.

You can file your application yourself online, or you can submit the following documents along with application fee (Rs. 500) and service fee (Rs. 150), totally amounting to Rs. 650/- only, all inclusive. Similar service fees are charged by many other service centers in and around Cuddalore.

Documents required:

1. Copy of the registered sale deed
2. Copy of the Aadhar card of the person registered
3. Encumbrance certificate of the plot for the past 13 years.

Note: Encumbrance Certificate can be downloaded from the Tamil Nadu Registration Department Website free of cost or retrieved from our consolidated Encumbrance Certificates for the entire township. Alternatively, Sara Xerox, or third party service center will provide the Encumbrace Certificate for Rs. 70 Extra.

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact any EC Member or email us at or use the contact us form.


Here is a Guide to Fill your Application Yourself Online.

Guide – Apply for Regularisation of your PLOT


  1. Registered Sale Deed –
  2. FMB Sketch of your Plot


  1. The RS (Re-survey) Number, Sub-Division Number
  2. The extent of Plot Land in Sq. Meters (conversion formula: 1 sq. foot = 0.092903 square meters; convert online here)

Get the Encumbrance Certificate / வில்லங்கச் சான்று (can be had from here: or from our our Drive here


  1. Visit the Regularisation Portal at
  2. Click on ‘User Registration’ under ‘For Application in DTCP Area

Here is a Step by Step Guide from Government of the Process

Step by Step Guide with Details

You can fill only the MANDATORY fields and leave others empty.

If you don’t have all the information at hand, at any point in time, click ‘SAVE AS DRAFT’ and come back the form to fill and finish it.

  1. Name of the Layout (Mandatory): Anugraha Satellite Township

Promoter Details:

  1. Name of the Promoter: Can be left Empty or enter: Dr K I Manirathinem
  2. Promoter Address: Can be left Empty or enter: Navasakthi Townships Developers Private Limited, Anugraha Satellite Township, Periyakattupalayam, Cuddalore 605007
  3. Promoter’s Mobile No: Can be left Empty
  4. Promoter’s Email ID: Can be left Empty or enter:

Site Details

  1. District (Mandatory): Cuddalore
  2. Type of Local body (Mandatory): Panchayat Union
  3. Local Body (Mandatory): Cuddalore
  4. Village (Mandatory): Madalapattu
  5. Block No: Can be left Empty

Your Plot Details (Mandatory)

  1. Plot Number: Find it from the Sale Deed or Encumbrance Certificate, usually your House Number
  2. Village: Madalapattu
  3. Type of Survey No: Re-Survey No (R.S. No)
  4. Survey No. From the Sale Deed or Encumbrance Certificate
  5. Land Classification: Wet Land
  6. Extent in sq. m: From the Sale Deed (usually, 222.97, but please double check and convert from sq. feet to sq. meters)
  7. Date of Registration: From the Sale Deed

Click ‘Add Survey No’

NOTA BIEN: If your plot has MORE THAN ONE R.S.No, repeat the process and add the additional R.S. No and again click, ‘Add Survey No’.

Verify if all your R.S. Numbers have been added. The total extent will remain the same even when you had added extra R.S. Numbers.

Layout Details

  1. Total Number of Plots in the Layout: Can be left Empty or enter 550
  2. Total Area Extent of the Layout in Sq. M.: Can be left empty
  3. Abutting Road Status: Private
  4. Abutting Road Width in metres (Mandatory): 9.144
  5. Upload Sketch (Mandatory): Download from here

Click on checkbox that says, ‘I agree above declaration’ and again click on ‘I agree with terms and conditions’ and recheck all your details once more.

Once you are satisfied, click, ‘Submit’. You will be redirected to the Payment Gateway where you can pay the Application Fee through Credit / Debit cards and Netbanking. On successful payment, you will receive the RECEIPT for Application. The First part is Done, Congratulations!.

Within 30 days of this online submission, you will have to submit filled in Form 1, 2 and 3 along with supporting documents at the DTCP, Villupuram Office. We will shortly update a guide for the paper application form and documents to be attached. Stay tuned!


Advisory: Please Apply for Regularisation of your PLOT


Regularisation of Layout and Individual Plots

  • The Government of Tamil Nadu has Gazette Notified Rules for REGULARISATION of Unapproved Plots and Layouts under Government Order (G.O) No: 78, amended by G.O. No: 172. This notice is to provide you with essential information and advice.
  • There are separate rules and process for Regularisation of Layouts and Individual Plot.
  • Although all plots in our Township were duly approved by the competent authority, the President of the Mathalapattu Village Panchayat, there is a confusion that the approval may not be valid enough. To be on the safer side, we advise that every house owner apply for INDIVIDUAL PLOT APPROVAL.
  • For the Layout, we have been advised that DTCP approval is required for Local Administrative Bodies to provide public amenities and services such as maintenance of roads, garbage collection, water, etc.
  • The Association is currently undertaking steps to apply for approval of the LAYOUT only and not for individual plots.
  • All House Owners are requested to apply for INDIVIDUAL PLOT approvals on their own.
  • For regularisation of the layout, Each plot will have to pay Rs. 500/- as application fees and Developmental Charges to be calculated by DTCP and notified later.
  • The Last Date for submission of application is 03-05-2018. (3, May, 2018)
  • Applications can be submitted online at:
  • We will post further details on our Association website at: or

News Articles on Unapproved Layouts & Regularisation

Unapproved layouts in the News

The Hindu – Approving a layout

There is no adequate legal awareness among the general public with respect to Panchayat layouts. In fact, there is no terminology called ‘Panchayat Approval’ as only LPA’s and the DTCP have the authority to accord layout sanctions. The panchayat president of any panchayat does not have any power to sanction land layouts within that respective panchayat.

The Hindu – Unapproved layouts and registration issues

Taken in by claims of ‘panchayat approval’, many people are stuck with plots in unapproved layouts When V. Ravikumar wanted to buy a piece of land in the temple town of Kancheepuram, his native place, he found a ‘panchayat-approved’ housing plot being offered at Rs. 4.50 lakh. He has so far paid nearly Rs. 3 lakh in instalments.

Then came the shocker. He cannot register the plot in his name as the Madras High Court has banned registration of sites unless they form part of a layout approved by top planning bodies such as the Chennai Metropolitan Development Corporation and the Directorate of Town and Country Planning.

The Hindu – When gullible small investors lose the plot

Several thousands of families have purchased such ‘panchayat-approved’ plots. The term itself is wrong in the first place as panchayats are not authorised to approve layouts. For most buyers, it is investment they believed that could be redeemed in some future moment of need. There seems to be no escape now with their property turning into a ‘zero-return’ asset.

The Hindu – Responsible buying is the key: activists

“ People are spending lakhs of rupees on buying land, but are not bothered about compliance with the law. They should be responsible purchasers and make sure they don’t fall foul of the law.”

The Hindu – ‘Non-notification of amendment, a deliberate act on part of govt.’

The CMDA had in 2007 instructed local bodies not to give approval for any layouts measuring 1,000 square metres,” said a former member secretary of the planning agency.

According to advocate G.Shyam Sundar, one possible option available to the government was to accord post facto approval or regularisation or ratification. The hard-earned money of low income group families could be safeguarded only through such a measure, he said.

More on Approvals and Regularisation:

Regularisation of Unapproved Plots and Layouts, an Update

Regularisation of Unapproved Layouts and Plots

My Reality India –

STP Work is On – An Update

Dear Homeowners, Time for a Brief Update:

  1. Our STP work is in full swing. We thank the taskforce members and others who have posted pictures from time to time here and let us visually see the progress. The work is nearing an end and it is already time we planned for the Inauguration. The Collector and Sub Collector could be Chief Guest and Keynote Speakers respectively and can jointly inaugurate the STP (and the fourth line if possible)
  2. We had applied for Power connection (3 Phase and the Fourth Wire) and it will need ongoing follow-up till it is completed.
  3. We have submitted petitions and many Officials including the Collector, Sub Collector, Project Director – Town & Country Planning, Local Planning Authority Head, Block Development Officer, etc. Every day, we have held meetings at one or the other Govt. Office. And on most days, the meetings have been productive, on some days, we are sent into a tizzy. Getting the Government Machinery to work will require a LOT of patience and persistence. We are not giving up and the ONLY THING that is keeping us going is the HUGE SUPPORT OF THE COMMUNITY commensurate with the enormity of the job ahead of us.
  4. The next huge work of REGULARISATION has already begun, we have met a number of officials including the BDO and the Town & Country Planning Authority at Villupuram. We are planning how to go about this huge project. We are learning new facts and procedures and are feeling our way through the bureaucratic maze.
  5. The Executive Body is the Primary Decision Making Authority. We need more members to participate in our proceedings. Please feel free to interact with us all, discuss and help in achieving our important goals for the Association. No decision was and will ever be taken by individuals, but only as a collective. However, prioritisation of work is important. If not, we will waste time and energy in non-productive work with no result.
  6. For the whole of January, a tiny number of volunteers have worked ceaselessly and on a daily basis, and everyday has brought new challenges, both internal and external. There has been a huge drain of energy, time and motivation from these few volunteers. One of my own work is to be there for them and support them with emotional energy. As we face bigger and bigger challenges, we will need even more reassurance that all 400-500 houses are behind the association and we will see through any challenge or difficulty, face any obstacle and overcome it all by sheer force of willpower, planning, work and perfect execution, and above all, the united support of our collective members.
  7. For the moment, we don’t want any diversions or distractions. Once we resolve our existential crisis problems like regularisation and roads, we will have plenty of time to resolve all other pending issues like previous dues and so on. For now, let us stay concentrated on the most immediate and important goal of all: Regularisation. The Association needs clear goals and direction and will not be swayed from this one important work. We will remain firm on this and we request your cooperation. Also, we need to discourage gossiping, irresponsible comments and non-constructive rumour mongering and personal attacks, please.
  8. Once a major part of the STP work is complete, we will present a yearly Budget for the Association, probably in February. We will look at our current expenses critically and will see how best to serve the common interests of all. All finances will be transparently and pro-actively shared with you from time to time in open public. If you have any queries or doubts, you are free to ask them in the wide public so that we can have complete transparency and accountability. In return, the Association can perform ONLY if it has funds. We will all have to contribute our part. Some may question the need for contributing maintenance funds, some would doubt it being spent correctly, some may even ask why they should contribute while many other don’t or haven’t in the past. It is time to put all those doubts aside for a limited time and contribute. We will have a General Body Meeting to discuss that issue threadbare, we assure you. For now, please contribute without reservations, without excuses, without delays. Once contributed, you are free to question its use and audit it for yourself. But please contribute. Everybody has to contribute so that we can all benefit. Don’t think anybody is paying for somebody else. It is for our own good.
  9. Right now, we are fighting a battle for regularisation. We think our back is protected and taken care of by all our houseowners. If Association maintance charges are not voluntarily contributed, it will mean that our small army of volunteers will have to wage war on two fronts, with no ammunition. The external front with the Government for regularisation and an internal front with our own members to collect maintenance money. You can imagine the outcome. Neither will be a success.
  10. Make no mistake, REGULARISATION might not even be possible due to various reasons. We cannot take it for granted. The outcome is not assured. We may all fail to get our township and plots regularised before the deadline. The risk is too high and all too real. This is the reality. It is also a reality that we can overcome this and get things done. We have a choice now, soon we may not have that choice. The choice is to work hard and get our regularisation done, or just take it easy and miss this chance that the Govt. has opened. All depends on our support, both moral and financial for ourselves. May we succeed.

Have a great festival!

Thank you.

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