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Month: July 2018

Inspection Visit by Team from Pollution Control Board & Collectorate

A high-level team from the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) led by the District Environmental Engineer, together with the Advisor on Environmental Issues to the Hon’ble Collector of Cuddalore District visited our Sewage Treatment Plant at around 12 PM.

The STP Taskforce including Mr. Kumar Engineer, Secretary, Joint Secretary and other EC Members were present at the Site.

The team expressed satisfaction and the Learned Advisor gave a number of suggestions to improve the operations as well the environmental impact of our township.

Based on his input, we are putting together a 3-6 month plan for Zero Carbon Footprint impact for our Township.

Meeting with the Block Development Officer at Circuit House

Members of the Taskforce on Regularisation of the Township Layout and Plots met Mr. Sarathy, the Block Development Officer and discussed the status of our Layout Regularisation project and asked him a few questions for clarifications.

Mr. Sarathy was gracious enough to help us with some pointers on the application. We also discussed the modality of bringing in Panchayat civic services to our township and were told that we will have to get our township regularised before we can rightfully ask for Government services.

These meetings are part of our ongoing efforts to get our township regularised by the DTCP and the Local Government so that our roads, common amenities, etc could be funded, repaired, built if necessary and maintained by the Panchayat, from the house tax, development fees, regularisation fees and other levies contributed by the residents of the township.

Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Saturday

New Office Inaugurated with a simple Puja

The Association has moved its office from the Library cum community hall premises into its new location:

Prarthana Complex.

The new office was inaugurated with a simple Puja on 14 July 2018

Residents and Wellwishers are requested to donate any unused furniture for the new Office.

We acknowledge with gratitude, help from Dr. Mano who has given us the premises at a discounted rental.

Regularisation – Step by Step Guide

Dear Esteemed Members & Homeowners,

The following is a step by step guide by Engineer Kumar Sir:

Below are the steps involved in submission document preparation and submission based on my understanding & experience on the process.

Step 1 – Online Application

Complete the on-line application filling as mentioned in the Guide for Filling in the online application in our Society Website.

Step 2 Submission at DTCP office at Villupuram for Preliminary Approval

Once the Step 1 is completed successfully following List of Documents required to be submitted at DTCP office are

1) Duly filled Form 1,2,3(Form 3 in 20 Rs stamp paper) Copy attached as Annexure 1)

2) Online registration slip

3) Land registration doc copy self-attested

4) Recently taken (within 1or3 months) EC copy self-attested. (Link to get online EC)

5) Township layout (Download and print, or use a copy given during registration)

6) FMB for survey no mentioned in the online registration slip. (Link to get online FMB)

7) Patta copy if available. (Link to get online Patta)

8) self-attested Aadhar copy of the landowner

With all the above

9)  A forwarding letter to DTCP office detailing the request detail (Sample Forwarding Letter in Tamil / English version as Annexure 2a & 2b)


1 No need to be present personally. The docs can be handed over through a representative or by registered post with acknowledgment due (by this you can have ack of submission).

2) No Fee Payment to be made for Preliminary approval other submission of above mentioned Documents. And follow up till you get the preliminary approval personally by self or representative.

Step 3 – Submission at BDO office for Final approval & Govt Order

Once the Step 2 is completed and successfully received the preliminary approval order from DTCP office following List of Documents required to be submitted at BDO office.

1) original Preliminary approval letter copy from DTCP office which is addressed to BDO

2) copy of online registration slip

3) copy of Aadhar card or copy of ration card

4) copy of house sale deed.

5) copy of the parent doc. (Pl note if you do not have parent doc do not worry submit without that)

6) EC copy

7) color photo/printout of the front elevation of the house with the owner standing in front.

8) Payment receipt for regularization fee.

9) Payment receipt for the development fee.

Note payment of regularization fee to be 30/- per sq m. While calculating the fee pl round off the no. For egs, if the area is mentioned as 222.97 (2400 Sq. Ft.) the considered area as 223 SQM. Also if the calculated value is 6690 pay rounding of Value shall be Rs 6700/- . This excess would cover any excess area arises during verification.

This payment to be paid as follows.

A challan will be available at treasury to be filled and submitted. They, in turn, give us part of the form duly stamped and ref no filled. With this form and money to be paid payment to be made at SBI Thirupapuliyur (Located near Dhina Thanthi Office) and collect the receipt from the bank for submission at BDO’s office. The Account no in SBI to be filled in the Challan shall be 021760800AT0007 & account name as per Annexure-3

Similarly, payment for development fee to be calculated (instead of 223*25=5575 round of to 5600) and paid. This amount to be paid at Indian bank Semmandalam branch (Located opposite to KNC women’s college) and collect the receipt from bank for submission at BDO’s office. The Account no in Indian Bank to be filled in the Pay in slip shall be 6641026573 & account name as per annexure-4


  • For ready ref copy of Duly filled in Bank Receipts (both SBI & IB) is attached as Annexure 5
  • For Submission of documents can be done by self or Representative.
  • For Collection of Approval Letter personal Appearance is requested by BDOs office
  • In General, at all steps of Registration process Duplicate copy of the respective stage need to be Stored.
  • The Preliminary approval Letter from DTCP office and Final approval order from BDO’s office are the essential documents required to be maintained for any future requirements along with the registration documents like sale deeds and others.


Excellent Notes on a number of practical points and tips by Shri. Mohan Raman.

  1. The outcome of a correctly filed on-line registration for regularisation to the DTCP is a two page letter from DTCP. It accords approval in principle to regularise the Anugraha plot purchase and construction of the house. The DTCP letter is in ‘official’ Tamil and therefore takes time to understand. It is addressed to the BDO Cuddalore who takes action as authorised by the DTCP; a copy is endorsed to the owner.
  2. The BDO levies a Regularisation Fee to cover purchase of the property. He also levies a Development Fee to cover the construction of the house at Anugraha. In addition to documentary proof of these payments being made, the BDO requires certain other documents before issuing final orders. This has to be done by the house owner.
  3. This note has been compiled to guide owners who are not resident at Anugraha or are unfamiliar with Cuddalore. It is based on the personal feedback from a number of Anugraha house owners.
  4. Most of the documents required by the BDO would be readily available with the owner; however three are new. Starting with the new documents, the following lists the document pack needed to be submitted.
    1. NEW: An A4 Colour print out of a photograph of the House (Photo to be taken with house owner standing in front of the house). If this is not held, a snap taken on a smartphone will do. There is a very convenient net cafe on the left-hand side of the main road from Anugraha to Cuddalore where the hard copy A4 size print out can be produced. It is in the ground floor of a large new temple, about 1 km from the Anugraha gate.
    2. NEW: Original receipt of payment made to Indian Bank of Development Fee of Rs 5,600/- The amount is to be credited to the account held at Indian Bank, Semmandalam Branch, as per details below: The bank is located on Nellikuppam Road, which forks to the right at a roundtana on the road from Anugraha to Cuddalore. TO SAVE TIME: You can pay into the above account from your branch if you have an Indian Bank a/c; there is no commission charge. There are other options as well, which can charge. There are other options as well, which can be ascertained from any Indian Bank branch. It is important to ensure that you have an Indian Bank receipt in original, as proof of the entire amount having been paid into the account. An example is in the Annexure:
    3. NEW: Regularisation fee of Rs 6700/. A challan in triplicate is obtainable at the sub-treasury, Cuddalore, next to the Taluk Office on Kurinjipadi Cuddalore Road. After it is filled up, it will be rubber stamped. Then pay in the amount in cash at SBI Thirupathiripuliyur Branch, about 1km away. The branch is on the Cuddalore- Nagapattinam highway, and the landmark is ‘Near the Dina Thanthi office’. You will get the remitter’s copy of the challan. TIP: The challan takes time to fill; if possible, get a challan form TNTC 9 and fill it up before hand at home, as per sample in the annexures. Even xerox copies of the form are OK, and are available at numerous vendors for Rs 5.
    4. Xerox copy of registration document.
    5. Xerox copy of E.C.
    6. Parent Document xerox copy if available
    7. Xerox copy of Aadhar card
    8. Xerox copy of FEES Receipt of online registration submitted to DTCP.
    9. Either the original letter from DTCP to BDO (If DTCP gave it to you in addition to your copy)OR the original of the copy sent to you. (KEEP XEROX IF YOU SUBMIT THE ORIGINAL OF DTCP LETTER TO YOU).
  5. The above should be submitted at the BDO’s office. It is on the first floor of a large new building on the left, just within the Cuddalore Circuit House compound, a well known local landmark. This compound, on Nellikuppam Road, (the same road as the Indian Bank) is close to the roundtana.
  6. The dealing Assistant at the BDO, Mr Rajavel, is a very kind and helpful person. He says the final orders take about 2 weeks to process. He recommends collection in person, and careful preservation thereafter.
  7. The final order is the authority for paying the property tax for 2018-19, which fell due in April 2018. Mr Rajavel says the tax might have been enhanced from 2017-18. The revised amount and arrears have to be paid now: CHECK WITH THE TAX COLLECTOR AT ANUGRAHA.
  8. A final point. Cuddalore is congested and the traffic is heavy. If not familiar with locations, navigation and parking can be challenges. One way to address this would be sequencing the activities correctly. The following route is suggested: first the sub treasury, then the SBI, followed by Indian Bank (if payment at Nellikuppam Road is preferred); finally the BDO Office. Nellikuppam Road is preferred); finally the BDO Office. In the absence of unexpected delays all the above can be completed in about three hours.


Farewell to Hon’ble Sub Collector cum SDM

The Township represented by the taskforce met and bid a very warm farewell to Shri, Johny Tom Varghese IAS, the Sub Collector and Sub Divisional Magistrate of Cuddalore.

The Association, on behalf of all Homeowners and Residents presented a Citation in appreciation of all the help rendered by him to our township.

We exchanged fond memories of our working together for the past 10 months and hoped to meet again.

Legal Consultation

A six member team had comprehensive legal consultantation with a counsel in the upcoming 18 July 2018 case date.

The meeting lasted 30 minutes and the entire complaint was dissected.

Bank Accounts unsuspended.

The Secretary, Joint Secretary and the Treasurer, visited the Syndicate Bank, Reddichavadi, protesting the suspension of the Association’s two accounts and met the Manager.

The Manager was told numerous stories that were quite liberal with truth by Mr. Meganathan who has sought to take over the Association claiming to represent all house owners.

We patiently explained the truth to the Manager who immediately unsuspended the accounts.

The various vexatious tactics of the antisocial elements will not succeed. Once they have filed a suit against the association, we will defend the association rigorously, including counter suits to ensure safety for the township and interests of the home owners.

Bank Account Suspended

In response to the Affidavit copy sent to the Syndicate Bank, Reddichavadi, by Mr. Mohammad Shahid and Mr. Meganathan M, the two accounts were placed on suspension, we learnt today afternoon.

We will be taking counter measures to release the accounts from suspension to enable continued operations of the Association despite vigorous and continued efforts and attacks by vested interests to cripple the Association and the Township.

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