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TWAD Board Visit

Dear Residents,
Greetings. Following the meeting of our Executive committee members with The Collector and The Sub Collector today the Executive Engineer and officials from the TWAD board visited our STP on the direction of the Collector and The Sub Collector. Based on the above visit and scrutiny of the proposals submitted by us, they will give their expert opinion to The Sub Collector. We will be deciding on the appropriate STP method after discussing with the collector and sub-collector.

After a detailed inspection of the stp and our township, Members of the TWAD team have given a few valuable suggestions. We have handed over our shortlisted proposals to them for the final conclusion. Our members Mr. Balakrishnan, Mr. Jayabal, Mr. Mathivanan, Mr. Kumar were also present during the inspection and meetings.
My sincere thanks for the cooperation extended by all our members. Looking forward to your continued support.
Yours truly
P. Varadhan

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