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Tag: Sewage Treatment Plant

Visit to Cuddalore STP

A team of the Association visited the Cuddalore Sewage Treatment Plant to understand operations of a large scale municipal STP.

The team was taken on a guided tour and a number of queries answered.

Specifically the team inspected and understood the various statutory monitoring rules, logs and documentations required to be maintained and submitted to various authorities.

The Municipal STP monitors 13 parameters related to its operations and output.

Anugraha STP has commenced maintenance of complete documentary monitoring system to ensure standards are adhered to and maintained in all our operations.

The team had productive interaction with the manager of the Municipal STP and records it’s thanks.

Hydrology Expert Visit

Today, a Hydrology Expert, Mr Jayakumar was invited to visit our STP for resolving a few issues related to treated water.He visited our STP in the morning and offered valuable suggestions for some of the issues.We thank him for his time.

Treated Water from STP Tested, Report Satisfactory

The Treated Water output from the Township Sewage Treatment Plant was tested by Chennai Mettex Lab, who specialise in water quality assurance.

The before treatment (input) and after treatment (output) Water samples was collected by Mettex themselves and taken for testing in Chennai.

We have received the test report attached herein.


The Pipeline is complete! It Flows!!!

We are pleased to inform you that after extensive repairs and replacement of the entire stretch of pipeline bordering the School, along with building of new pit tanks, we are finally ready to open up the pipeline from the township to our Sewage Treatment Plant.
There were lots of problems with the GRADIENT, the sewage had to cross a few segments against gravity, we had to adjust those.
The project was spearheaded by the untiring Mr. Kumar Engineer and was awarded to Dr. Mano who executed it.
Our thanks and huge appreciation is due to them and also to others who assisted them in this great work.
Thanks is due to the Township Founder and Promoter, Dr KI Manirathenam, for his help clarifying the pipeline pathway which is not inside the school, but on common ground around the school.
We thank the PSBB Millennium School for allowing us to access and work on the pipleline through their property, we will ensure our cordial relationships continue for mutual benefit.
Lastly, but not least, we have to appreciate the houseowners for their trust in us, which we hope we have done our best to uphold.
We are proud of the taskforce team who worked tirelessly and self-lessly.

All are welcome to the opening of the pipelines. We will post Videos on our website.

Update: The Videos that we promised are here, Enjoy!

Watch the last one which shows the Sewage Treatment Plant filled to the brim, in all glory of the operation!

UPDATE ON 1 JUNE 2018 – We have crystal clear treated water output!

Safety Instructions for Visitors to the STP

STP is a closed facility.

To ensure the safety of humans as well as the facility, No entry is allowed without prior permission from the Association.

Trespassers will be prosecuted.

General Requirements

  • Report to security at Entrance and sign off in the visitor log book for Name of the visitor, date, time, Purpose,Visit approval detail om time etc.
  • Collect Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and the safety instruction that to be followed during the visit inside the STP.
  • Security will coordinate for the tour guide allotted for this visit & make sure that the guide accompanies the guest during the plant tour.
  • Guide will pick up the guest from the security and start the plant tour with the PPE’s are on.

Do’s and Don’ts during the plant visit.

  1. No visitor is authorized to move around without accompanied by the authorized Tour Guide.
  2. During the tour, No visitor is authorized to operate any of the STP operation controls.
  3. The Provided PPE should be worn till completion of the tour.
  4. Every visitor should wear a suitable footwear (Leather or Rubber based shoes / covered slippers/sandals /slip on) before the start of the tour.
  5. Footwear which is slippery and/or having heels more than 1“ height is not allowed.
  6. In case of any Emergency at the time of the tour, the visitor should discontinue the tour and report to the Security located at the entrance.
  7. PPE issued to the Visitor
  8. Eye Protection Glass
  9. Disposable Elastic Face Mask
  10. Footwear (if needed)

Responsibilities of the visitor

  1. Providing the needed information at the Security at the time of entry.
  2. Always be with Guide till the tour is complete.
  3. Follow the instruction of the Guide & the basic requirements
  4. At the time emergency report immediately at security once the emergency is announced.
  5. After the tour make sure to return the issued PPE (Eye Protection Glass and Footwear if given) and this safety
    precaution sheet.

Karikan Nagar Issue – Update

Dear Friends, I have news for you all. This is very very important and sensitive. Unfortunately, it is not good news, but nothing to despair about.

A few people from Karikan Nagar had come to our STP site, ordered the workers there to stop work, forced them outside the compound and locked the gate.

A team of our exec committee members immediately reached the site, talked to the group.

I am not here, I will be coming on Saturday, we will as a team work on this.

This was anticipated. The threat was to disturb the inauguration, that is why we didn’t want to tell a date.

The most disturbing issue of all this is that there is coordination between elements withing our township and outside the township. They are exchanging information and coordinating attacks.

This is the reason for the earlier radio silence.

Now, we have another obstacle to overcome, and we are confident of overcoming it.

Mrs. Amudha had posted allegations list. The first point was exactly the same one raised by Karikan Nagar representatives, this is evidence of collusion and deep conspiracy to disturb our tranquility and progress.

But have no fear, we have an excellent team, starting from the President to the Members of the association.

We will prevail.
We will succeed.

On Monday, I will reply to Mrs. Amudha, Mrs. Sujatha and Mr. Ramesh. They can brace for my reply.

Till that time, I request them not to create any more problems than they have already done. This is my most humble request on behalf of everybody in the township. As well as my last warning, you are testing all our patience. I will take serious action, I have given fair notice, take it seriously, don’t feel bad after my action, you will solely be responsible for your actions.

For all our friends: don’t be upset, we have already overcome big problems that you even didn’t know, we will tell the story at our inaugural. For now, we are still on schedule, albeit some setbacks.

We.maybit post frequently, but we will keep you informed of important news.

I thank you for all the support, trust, and love you have bestowed us with, we deeply appreciate it and hope we can meet your expectations.

We will not rest untill the goal is achieved.

I leave you with a video below.

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