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The Pipeline is complete! It Flows!!!

We are pleased to inform you that after extensive repairs and replacement of the entire stretch of pipeline bordering the School, along with building of new pit tanks, we are finally ready to open up the pipeline from the township to our Sewage Treatment Plant.
There were lots of problems with the GRADIENT, the sewage had to cross a few segments against gravity, we had to adjust those.
The project was spearheaded by the untiring Mr. Kumar Engineer and was awarded to Dr. Mano who executed it.
Our thanks and huge appreciation is due to them and also to others who assisted them in this great work.
Thanks is due to the Township Founder and Promoter, Dr KI Manirathenam, for his help clarifying the pipeline pathway which is not inside the school, but on common ground around the school.
We thank the PSBB Millennium School for allowing us to access and work on the pipleline through their property, we will ensure our cordial relationships continue for mutual benefit.
Lastly, but not least, we have to appreciate the houseowners for their trust in us, which we hope we have done our best to uphold.
We are proud of the taskforce team who worked tirelessly and self-lessly.

All are welcome to the opening of the pipelines. We will post Videos on our website.

Update: The Videos that we promised are here, Enjoy!

Watch the last one which shows the Sewage Treatment Plant filled to the brim, in all glory of the operation!

UPDATE ON 1 JUNE 2018 – We have crystal clear treated water output!

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