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Sensitive Issues Abound – Cautionary Notice

This is a general notice, please read carefully.

Kindly read my earlier posts. I had clearly mentioned that towards the end, at a critical time, troublemakers and instigators will foment strife under the guise of asking questions.

A lot of sensitive dis-information regarding the STP has and is being already by trolls and those wishing to see us fail. I was taken aback at some of the troubles created.

I had clearly mentioned that anybody who needs information may message me directly.

I had mentioned inauguration, no more needs to be said.

I asked our excellent team to stay calm and carry on and not respond to any provocation, however atrociously worded they are.

All of you are witness to their discipline in face of adversity.
Some mistaken my civility for weakness, they are mistaken. I will remain patient in the knowledge that I enjoy your support.

We hold ourselves accountable to all of you, and we have scrupulously maintained the integrity and are progressing in face of huge challenges.

A few of the challenges are thrown by some of our own. We will not sway from our objective.

At my meeting with Karikan Nagar brothers, I congratulated them for their gentlemanly behaviour. I hope all our people can be as civil.

I will copy and paste my earlier posts, I will at an opportune time write in detail.

Till then, I ask respected and decent members to stay calm and not to feed the trolls or be swayed by their campaign of disinformation, fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD).

I request my team members to concentrate on the work and not post replies to trolls.


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