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Tag: Local Administration

Meeting with the Block Development Officer at Circuit House

Members of the Taskforce on Regularisation of the Township Layout and Plots met Mr. Sarathy, the Block Development Officer and discussed the status of our Layout Regularisation project and asked him a few questions for clarifications.

Mr. Sarathy was gracious enough to help us with some pointers on the application. We also discussed the modality of bringing in Panchayat civic services to our township and were told that we will have to get our township regularised before we can rightfully ask for Government services.

These meetings are part of our ongoing efforts to get our township regularised by the DTCP and the Local Government so that our roads, common amenities, etc could be funded, repaired, built if necessary and maintained by the Panchayat, from the house tax, development fees, regularisation fees and other levies contributed by the residents of the township.

Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Saturday

Meeting with Collector & Sub Collector – Update

Friends, we (Mr. Varadhan, President; Myself, Mrs. Aruna and Mr. Balakrishnan, Joint Secretaries, Mr. Jayabal, Treasurer) were at the Collector’s Office today, last in the queue, but ultimately met the Collector and Sub Collector at 9 and the meeting was well worth the wait. The Collector said that in response to our previous petition seeking financial assistance, he is actively looking to help us with Government funds – the opening was great. Secondly he has directed the water and drainage board to help us with the technical consultation/shortlisting of our proposals and further, the pollution board. We represented before him that we would prefer them, either one or both to help us choose the builder. He has already received a report from the water board team that visited our site who suggested a few additional ponds, etc to be erected.
He asked us to prioritise our work as follows: STP, Regularisation of the Layout/Individual Plots, then the township Roads and to deal with them one at a time. We appraised the Collector and Sub Collector that the funds are being collected and there has been good response. He said that we will have to do the entire project within the timeframe given by the Sub Collector. He was particular about regularisation of the layout/plots before the roads could be repaired. Mr. Varadhan, President requested him to organise a meeting with the BDO to formulate an action plan to work on the regularisation. The meeting ended with us, on behalf of all house owners greeting the Collector, a very happy Diwali.

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