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Tag: Legal

Legal Consultation

A six member team had comprehensive legal consultantation with a counsel in the upcoming 18 July 2018 case date.

The meeting lasted 30 minutes and the entire complaint was dissected.

Bank Accounts unsuspended.

The Secretary, Joint Secretary and the Treasurer, visited the Syndicate Bank, Reddichavadi, protesting the suspension of the Association’s two accounts and met the Manager.

The Manager was told numerous stories that were quite liberal with truth by Mr. Meganathan who has sought to take over the Association claiming to represent all house owners.

We patiently explained the truth to the Manager who immediately unsuspended the accounts.

The various vexatious tactics of the antisocial elements will not succeed. Once they have filed a suit against the association, we will defend the association rigorously, including counter suits to ensure safety for the township and interests of the home owners.

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