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Karikan Nagar Issue – Update

Dear Friends, I have news for you all. This is very very important and sensitive. Unfortunately, it is not good news, but nothing to despair about.

A few people from Karikan Nagar had come to our STP site, ordered the workers there to stop work, forced them outside the compound and locked the gate.

A team of our exec committee members immediately reached the site, talked to the group.

I am not here, I will be coming on Saturday, we will as a team work on this.

This was anticipated. The threat was to disturb the inauguration, that is why we didn’t want to tell a date.

The most disturbing issue of all this is that there is coordination between elements withing our township and outside the township. They are exchanging information and coordinating attacks.

This is the reason for the earlier radio silence.

Now, we have another obstacle to overcome, and we are confident of overcoming it.

Mrs. Amudha had posted allegations list. The first point was exactly the same one raised by Karikan Nagar representatives, this is evidence of collusion and deep conspiracy to disturb our tranquility and progress.

But have no fear, we have an excellent team, starting from the President to the Members of the association.

We will prevail.
We will succeed.

On Monday, I will reply to Mrs. Amudha, Mrs. Sujatha and Mr. Ramesh. They can brace for my reply.

Till that time, I request them not to create any more problems than they have already done. This is my most humble request on behalf of everybody in the township. As well as my last warning, you are testing all our patience. I will take serious action, I have given fair notice, take it seriously, don’t feel bad after my action, you will solely be responsible for your actions.

For all our friends: don’t be upset, we have already overcome big problems that you even didn’t know, we will tell the story at our inaugural. For now, we are still on schedule, albeit some setbacks.

We.maybit post frequently, but we will keep you informed of important news.

I thank you for all the support, trust, and love you have bestowed us with, we deeply appreciate it and hope we can meet your expectations.

We will not rest untill the goal is achieved.

I leave you with a video below.

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