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Administration of Township Temples

At the Executive Meeting held on 1 March 2018 the following resolutions were adopted:

Since no Congregational Volunteer Team could form and take over the administration of the Arulmigu Rajaganapathi Temple for the past few months as decided in the last General Body Meeting, the Association would resume administration of the two temples of the Township (Arulmigu Aiyanar Temple and the Arulmigu Rajaganapathi Temple). 

A Temple Sub-Committee (under the Executive Committee) was formed for the effective administration of the Temple Affairs

Any devotee of the Township could offer to sponsor any festival, ornament or kainkaryam for the temple. – Preference would be given to Devotees in good standing with the community (full membership without maintenance dues) in awarding of preferential slots for Pujas and other Temple Devotional Activities.

However, the Association would be able to effectively run the Temple, meet its expenses from its Exchequer only after a formal hand-over of the Temple, its accounts, records, keys and lists of inventory from the previous Association team. It should be noted that the Arulmigu Rajaganapathi Temple was never handed over from the beginning of this Association Team’s tenure and thus it remains under the previous team’s responsibility and care.

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